invest in service

An investment in the Massachusetts Service Alliance is an investment in our Commonwealth. Established in 1991, we are a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 that serves as the state commission on community service. Our mission is to generate an ethic of service throughout the Commonwealth by creating and supporting diverse, high quality service and volunteer opportunities for all age groups, resulting in stronger communities and more active citizens. More specifically, we invest millions of dollars in public and private funds each year to support community-based organizations that work to improve local communities through the use of service and volunteerism (visit our Who We Are page to learn more).

Your 100% tax deductible donation will help enable us to continue to provide support to these programs. Because of your generosity, children will be mentored and tutored, families will obtain low income housing and health care assistance, and our environment will become a cleaner and safer place for generations to come. Please visit our Citizen Service Guide pages to learn more about programs supported through the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

There are many ways to invest in our communities through the Massachusetts Service Alliance. You should choose the one that best meets your needs. While cash and credit card donations are the most common, we also except in-kind goods and services and stocks and securities. If you need more information, please contact David Coelho at 617-542-2544 ext. 225.

Cash and Credit Card Donations

Please fill-out the Pledge/Payment form and send via snail mail or fax to the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

In-Kind Donations

If you would like to donate equipment, furniture, or other supplies, please contact David Coelho at 617-542-2544 ext. 225.

Stocks and Securities Donations

Stock donations can be accepted via two modes of delivery: electronic delivery of shares or delivery of shares via U.S. Mail. Electronic delivery of stock shares is faster, more secure, and more cost efficient than delivery by U.S. Mail. It also offers greater internal control to the Massachusetts Service Alliance. To help facilitate a stock donation, please refer to the following instructions.

Notifications of Intent to Donate Securities
The donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information for audit and acknowledgment purposes, regardless of the method of delivery:

  • Donor’s name and complete address.
  • Name and number of securities transferred.
  • Restrictions on the gift, if any.

Please communicate this information at the time of transfer via e-mail or fax to David Coelho at 617-542-0240 (fax).

Please do not initiate any transfers or donations until your donation of intent has been acknowledged.

After the notice of intent has been received, the Massachusetts Service Alliance will contact the donor to discuss the method of donation, and to forward the proper paperwork to effect the transfer. There are two methods currently available.

Electronic Delivery of Stock Donations
Please contact David Coelho at 617-542-2544 ext. 225 to have a packet of forms sent to you to conduct this transaction.

Routing Information

Mellon BankPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ABA Number0430-00261
FAOMerrill Lynch
Account Number101-1730
FFCMassachusetts Youth Service Alliance (MYSA)
Account Number786-04456 TBD
MYSA – FEI Number04-3088234

U.S. Mail Delivery of Stock Donations
Please contact David Coelho at 617-542-2544 ext. 225 to have a packet of forms sent to you to conduct this transaction. For future reference, in this type of transaction you will need to mail your unendorsed certificate(s) and a stock transfer power form – by registered mail to:

Massachusetts Youth Service Alliance
attn. Director of Administration and Finance
100 North Washington Street, Third Floor
Boston, MA 02114

* Please do not mail endorsed certificates as they become legal tender and can be used by anyone. *

Once a donation is made, we will forward a letter to the donor concerning the fair market value of such donations for tax purposes.

* Thank you for your interest in supporting the Massachusetts Service Alliance. *