who we are

The Massachusetts Service Alliance, established in 1991, is a private, nonprofit organization that serves as the state commission on community service.  Our mission is to generate an ethic of service throughout the Commonwealth by creating and supporting diverse, high quality service and volunteer opportunities for all age groups, resulting in stronger communities and more active citizens.

Specifically, we…

  • Invest public and private funds in community-based organizations in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Convene and mobilize individuals, nonprofits, corporations, and governmental entities to link strategies related to community service, community service-learning, and volunteerism.
  • Build capacity of nonprofit agencies by providing training and technical assistance that supports program development and improves the effective use of volunteers.
  • Advocate for the development and promotion of public policies and private initiatives that incorporate service, community service-learning, and volunteerism as effective strategies to address community challenges.

Each year we invest millions of dollars to support community service programs across Massachusetts in four areas.
AmeriCorps members serve in teams to meet critical community needs in five priority areas – education, the environment, homeland security, human needs, and public safety. (program list)
After-School Community Service-Learning
Young people receive training and reflect about community service experiences that foster civic responsibility, teamwork, and self-esteem. (program list)
Important personal and life skills are developed through supportive relationships between caring adults and youth. (program list)
Youth Service-Learning Councils
Young people learn about philanthropy and develop leadership and budget management skills by funding community service-learning projects that meet defined community needs. (program list)

We form partnerships with groups, organizations, and individuals that share similar visions, interests, and goals.
Strengthening Communities Through Service & Volunteerism
Statewide conference organized by a committee of nonprofits and corporations that seeks to build the capacity of those that use service and volunteerism to enact positive change.
Networking Meetings
Forums that encourage the major players in service and volunteerism to collaborate on ways in which service and volunteerism can be better utilized in communities throughout the Commonwealth.
Unified State Plan
Document created by a committee of leaders in the nonprofit, education, and corporate communities that establishes goals and benchmarks for the use and promotion of service and volunteerism.
Community Service-Learning
Partnership among the Massachusetts Service Alliance, Massachusetts Department of Education, and the Massachusetts Campus Compact that strives to find innovative ways to form a community service-learning continuum for students in kindergarten through college.

Build Capacity
By offering agencies and organizations training and technical assistance opportunities, we provide the tools needed to succeed.
Training Calendar
Workshops geared towards nonprofit agencies are run on a regular basis.
Technical Assistance
Customized consulting and general outreach sessions offered to strengthen organizational infrastructure.
Resource Conduit
Help organizations promote events, job openings, and volunteer positions through our publications, lending library, and web site.

We work to increase awareness and promote the value of service and volunteer initiatives throughout the Commonwealth.
Call To Service
Bi-monthly newsletter highlights service success stories and increases awareness of available resources.
Citizen Service Guide
Yearly web resource guide lists a wide-range of organizations committed to strengthening communities and building a better tomorrow.
Web site offers program listings, funding information, training workshops, job postings, volunteer opportunities, community calendar, etc.
What If There Were No Heroes?
Ad campaign designed to promote service and volunteerism in a new and unique way.
Governor’s Points of Light Award
Monthly award presented to an individual that exemplifies the positive impact service and volunteerism can have in a community.
Public Education And Policy
Educate and promote service as a strategy to address community challenges with community and state decision makers.