public relations campaign

Over the past year, the Massachusetts Service Alliance has been fortunate to work with Greenberg, Seronick, O’Leary & Partners in developing an ad campaign that encourages each of us to go out and improve our community through service and volunteerism.  The first stage of this campaign is now complete and includes three different posters that depict ‘heroes’ that don’t have have the time to save the day.  Each story is presented as a book, and the tag line encourages people to visit their local library to access this web site to search for volunteer opportunities in their area.  You can view these posters by following the various links at the top of this page.

Since most volunteering is done locally, the public library is the ideal partner.  People who do not have home access to the web will be able to do so at the library, and, in some cases, be able to learn about opportunities that the library itself might have.

The Service Alliance would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the extremely gifted and talented team at Greenberg, Seronick, O’Leary & Partners for creating this amazing campaign pro bono.  Their vision has led to a finished product that will grab your attention and promote service and volunteerism in a way it has never been promoted before.

If you would like to receive a copy of these posters, please fill-out our on-line order form.